Samantha Plummer PRM

What story will your feet tell...

Hello and welcome to Cambridgeshire Reflexology.
My name is Samantha and I am incredibly passionate about Reflexology. My journey into Reflexology began a few years ago when looking for help with my own health issues. It turned out to be the biggest part of my healing journey and went on to change my whole life. Passionate about this therapy I decided to train as a clinical reflexologist myself. I trained with Three Shires Reflexology, one of the longest running and most respected training courses in the U.K. I am a member of The Professional Reflexology Association, an organisation that represents only the best trained Reflexologists.
After being qualified for a few years I discovered a whole new approach to working with the feet with incredible results. Welcome to Chi Medics, ancient wisdom for modern problems. I am the only Chi Medics Practitioner in Cambridgeshire, Norfolk & Suffolk.
I look forward to meeting you and seeing what this incredible therapy can do for you. 

  • 30 Elmfield Drive, Elm, Wisbech, UK